About the Trust

WATCHE stands for Global Women Awareness Training and Children Education Development and was founded by Mr. Sathyan VS, Mr. Akbar and Mr. Thirunavukarasu and other successful businessmen in Thiruvannamalai.

Our vision is education based allowing us to empower individuals to help themselves and the community they live in. As we change ourselves we can have a positive affect on the environment and ensure a healthy future for generations to come.

Trustee Board

Founder and Secretary: Mr. Sathyan VS

President: Mr. Akbar

Managing Trustee: Mr. Batcha

Auditor and treasurer in a.r.s. arunachal reforestry society: Mr.Prasad

Legal: Mr. Thirunavukarasu.

Trust Advisors: Mr.Rajesh, Mr. Balamurugan

Trust Projects Engineer: C.Ramkanth

Each of these successful local businessmen are dedicated to the success of the Global Watch Trust

Education Faculty

Computer Education Director: Mr. Akbar

Plastic Disposal and Director For Women Studies:Mr. Sathyan VS

Computer Software:Mr. Balamurugan:

Computer Network: Mr. Batcha

Women’s Rights Educator: Mr. Thirunavukarasu: