IT Solutions

Standards-compliant services. Full turnkey solutions. We have the right solution for your needs.

Levicent IT Solutions provides high-quality .Net, PHP architectural, software development and integration of services for enterprises around the world. Levicent provides expert service through operating at the forefront of state-of-the- art technologies. We stick to our specialty and provide the best professional services in a broad focus. Our company maxim reflects our approach with an absolute commitment to quality.

Our team is innovative and professional and has a can-do attitude. We take ownership and responsibility for our solutions and their implementation into our clients’ environments. These attributes, coupled with an internal philosophy of ongoing industry training, allow us to carry out high-quality of cost-effective outsourcing.

Software Developing

To bring our status as one of the top Software Developer, the requisites are Industrial- power technology platform, the proficiency of skilled developers, a culture of advancement and commitment to excellence. Our aim is to bring together the greatest of these features to produce outstanding software that conveys proven results for our clients, customers and associates.


OUR BEST ASSET IS OUR EMPLOYEES.We choose only the best and invest heavily in their on- going development. All our software engineers undergo an intensive induction programme. We demand the highest standards of our team in the quality of their work, their integrity and their responsiveness to customer needs. In return, we have created a supportive working environment for our staff that motivates them to consistently perform at their best.

A CAREER WITH LEVICENT offers challenging work, opportunity for professional growth and a good working environment. Part of the Levicent lifestyle includes regular team outings and social activities. We employ self-motivated people who can communicate well, will participate in team activities, with sufficient qualification to handle the entire situation within the company’s environment.

Strategic IT Consulting

Thanks to our experience as an external management consultant and in-house consulting specialist for a global technology enterprise we are able to offer you innovative and practically tested solutions that will guarantee sustained competitive advantages. With the aid of integrated business, process and strategic IT consulting, we provide comprehensive support in tackling your challenges.

We show our customers the opportunities and prospects that result from deploying new and innovative technologies. At the same time we take account of workflows across the entire enterprise and integrate the

    * Technological
    * Organizational requirements as well as the business processes of our customers.

Our many years of experience in strategic IT consulting enables us to identify new trends and develop vertical solutions for specific markets.